Wellness Coaching & Consulting

In today’s busy world, we are pulled in a million different directions, often away from the things we once held as important, as we become more concerned with what needs to be done rather than with what we want to be doing.
More often than not, our personal wellness is sacrificed as we attempt to cope with the demands of our own life. We develop habits and routines that are meant to make our lives easier but don’t necessarily aid in moving us towards optimal health and wellness.

Whether you want to get serious about losing weight, eating better, moving better, or finding your passion, any lifestyle change starts with your current state of mind. As your Wellness Coach, we will work from the inside out, to identify the areas in your life in which you are most ready to move forward and overcome obstacles that are blocking your way to success and fulfillment.

Wellness coaching and consulting services include, but are not limited to:

• Health Evaluations
• Weight Management
• Behaviour Modification
• Stress Management
• Lifestyle Consulting
• Acting Living Guidance
• Community and Corporate Wellness Seminars
• Nutrition Fundamentals/Resources/Referrals