E-Counselling is a therapeutic process of counselling through the exchange of writing emails. Counselling in this format can be helpful to express your feelings and ideas without censure, as well as bring clarity to your thinking. It also helps to make your problems and solutions, more tangible and concrete as they become visible in print.

Our email exchanges are designed to help you express yourself and explore your current thoughts and beliefs as they relate to you and your life. The feedback provided to you through comments, questions and recommended exercises will build on your current awesomeness and promote self-reflection, awareness, and potential solutions.

E-counselling will help you articulate your thoughts without the pressure of time constraints. This will provide you the opportunity to be more open and honest with yourself by taking time to properly formulate your thoughts and ideas by saving your emails, and reviewing them before clicking send! Emails then become a permanent record of all your progress for your reflection at any time!

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better (or easier), E-Counselling is super convenient! You are able to communicate 24/7 and from any location. There is no waiting for scheduled appointments and responses are within 24 hours.

E-Counselling is suited to those who:

• Travel often, have limited flexibility in their schedule, work shift work
• Prefer to remain anonymous
• Are house bound or stay at home caregivers
• Feel more confident expressing themselves through writing
• Have limited transportation
• Prefer the comfort of their own home

E-Counselling is helpful if you are:

• Seeking personal growth, change or improved emotional well-being
• Needing guidance with life transitions
• Managing stress of work or other life pressures and demands
• Wanting to lose and manage your weight through behaviour change

Disclaimer: E-counselling is not indicated for people in crisis, who are severely depressed and/or suicidal. If this is you, receiving direct and immediate face-to-face assistance is most helpful and can be accessed by attending your local emergency room and/or calling the Simcoe County Crisis Response Service at 1-888-893-8333, local and area 705-728-5044