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Individual Therapy

Can be helpful if you are feeling stuck in negative patterns that are preventing you from thinking clearly and therefore interfering with your ability to make positive changes. Individual therapy is available to children…

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Family Therapy

An effective way to gain insight into how your family works and brings understanding to possible problems that may be limiting the current functioning of family members. Family therapy is available to all families… 

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Wellness Coaching & Consulting

We will work from the inside out, to identify the areas in your life in which you are most ready to move forward and overcome obstacles that are blocking your way to success and fulfillment…

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A therapeutic process of counselling through the exchange of writing emails. Counselling in this format can be helpful to express your feelings and ideas without censure as well as bring clarity to your thinking…

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Meet Christina

I have been fortunate early in my life to know that social work was my life’s passion and I have since been dedicated to the profession. I have worked in a variety of social work settings that have provided me with a diverse range of therapeutic skills, knowledge and resources to best inform my practice in working with children, youth adults and families.

Alongside my passion for social work, also lies a passion for health and wellness.

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